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My Helix arrived today!


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Man oh man am I excited!


My wife ordered it for me on the 13th. With everything going on we both had been working from home all last week. This is a welcome distraction for sure.


I fired it up and it's already on 2.82 firmware. Its getting paired with my JTV59 and my DT50 head and DT25 combo. Already sold my HD500X!


Any tips for a newbie like me? I've been trying to wrap my head around all I'll be able to do with this beast..


Stay healthy friends!


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Hi Amenity


Great distraction - and an incredibly understanding wife!


Just build some patches - and enjoy.  Personally, I found that tweaking the mic used in the cab settings could make a huge difference.


If you're up for a more detailed explanation from someone who really knows - check out Jason Sadites - how to create a great tone series on the interweb...




Maybe you can find enough neigbours for a balcony band?


There are guys on the forum here who know a great deal and always try to help - so welcome!

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Hi Armenity,


You will *love* what you can do with the JTV59 and the Helix! For example, you can program your presets such that they set up the JTV59 with different tunings. I do this when the band does a Stones cover ... I go from standard tuning to open G at the push of a switch. Very cool! Even better, for my open G tunings I have the sixth string volume turned down to zero to further emulate Keef’s five-string tele.


I can also preview ir’s using the JTV59 by linking the tone control (in a preset) with the ir list. I put a looper at the beginning of the preset, play a bit and then start changing ir’s to audition them. Effortless, fast and fun.





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