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Using FRFR output to FOH for that flat response no coloration sound?

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Hi all,


I have not yet received my Line 6 Helix floor in the mail and am thinking about buying the Headrush FRFR 112 in preparation for it. I noticed people mentioned to use an FRFR speaker due to the fact that it is a full range & flat response speaker enabling you to hear the pure dsp modeller sound as intended. 

So therefore to get the best out of your helix live stage sound should you then connect it to the FRFR speaker as you normally would "@home" and connect the FOH to its output to benefit from the full range flat response as intended, assuming that the output does emulate this? 

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Yes, what you write is accurate and common practice.
However, i wonder why so many people opt for this Headrush FRFR speaker...why not staying with Line6, and procuring a PowerCab, or, as in my case, a StageSource L2M (or L2T) ?

These are awesome speakers, are fully integrated with the Helix, you can connect to them via the L6 Link digital protocol...with StageSource products, you can hook up two and they self configure for stereo operation, and you can also use them as part of a PA system...I have a full StageScape+ Stagesource PA system and am amazed at the power and flexibility they provide...so i'd consider L2Ms...i did, and haven't repented....cheers!

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