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Crackling/Clipping noise with HX Stomp


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I should preface my issue by explaining the way I am using the HX Stomp. I have the unit connected to my computer via USB cable and am using it as my audio interface. In the Stomp's global settings I have my inputs set to instrument level, and my outputs set to line. I have the Stomp's L/R outputs going directly to studio monitors. Also, I have bypassed all block's within the stomp and used the level meter in my DAW to determine the volume of my bypassed guitar signal which comes in at about -8db. I have made sure when adding amps, IRs, effects, etc. that I maintain unity gain. However, I have noticed what sounds like a crackling/digital clipping noise when trying to achieve an edge of breakup tone. The noise goes away when I either reduce the guitar's volume via volume knob, or decrease the gain on the amp block, but then I loose the grit in the tone that I am looking for. I will attach an example to demonstrate. I am not sure if there is a problem with my unit, or if what I am hearing is normal and the problem is with the way I am designing my patch.


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It's normal. It's related to the amp modeling. You can hear similar sounds in close-mic'ed amps and in other modelers. You can try adjusting the Bias parameter in the amp model to minimize it somewhat.

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