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Looper Tones Change When Switching Presets


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Hey there,

Using an OG Spider V 240 with the latest MKII firmware update. Now when attempting to switch presets the recorded tone changes along with it and not to the same tone as the newly selected preset. I've attempted this with the Looper set to both PRE and POST and the same issue occurs. Previously I'd be able to lay down a Rhythm Loop and then switch to a Lead Preset and the Loop would hold the Rhythm tone. I could do this for countless layers and never had a problem. Only noticed it after installing the lastet MKII firmware. Any ideas on what I can do to fix it? Maybe even try going back to an older firmware and reupdating?


Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi blasphemier and Fragothius, the solution is very simple just use the same "speaker mode". If you record a rhythm using a tone in the "Full Range Mode", but then you chage to a tone on the "Classic Mode" it will change the previous tone too, so just be sure you're working with all the tones on the same "Mode".


That's all. Now you can continue enjoying your loops ;) Hurrayyyyy!!!


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