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HX STOMP Input Signal FAQ

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Hi Everybody !!

Just a little question:

I need to use the HX Stomp with a Guitar and a Bass on the same machine.

So... if I put a Guitar in IN LEFT and a Bass in IN RIGHT the signals are both the same or there's a differences of volume or dynamics ??

Is possible to create two different effects patch (one for guitar and one for bass) and use him like two singles ??

- ex. recording a loop with the bass, make it start and play a solos with a guitar -

The OUT from the HX Stomp work like a classical mono out or I doin use the OUT LEFT for a signal on IN LEFT and the OUT RIGHT for the signal on IN RIGHT ??


Hope that no toooo much warped argument..

Thanks for the reply..



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Yes, you can split the signal in the beginning and have independent effects chains for each side, and separate mono or even stereo outs for each one. There are a few of us Chapman Stick players that use the HX Stomp like this since the instrument has separate pickups for each set of strings.


Here's the tip on page 29 of the HX Stomp manual:

Okay, this one's for the power users: If you move a Split > Y block all the way left, set its BalnceA to "L100" and its BalnceB to "R100," you can process the L/MONO and RIGHT inputs independently. In addition, if you route the Mixer block to Path B (Send L/R), you can process two instruments simultaneously, each with its own mono input, stereo processing, and stereo outputs!

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