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Volume Control Strategy? Pod Hd Pro X --> Stagesource L3t


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I have my POD HD Pro X connected to the StageSource L3T using a L6 Connection.  What is the best strategy to manage volume between the two devices and their associated patches?


POD HP Pro Configuration

Output: Studio Direct

Patch Input 1: Guitar

Patch Input 2: Same


StageSource L3T Configuration

Speaker: Auto Controlled by HD Pro X

Master Volume: 50%


For whatever reason Line 6 as a company has done a really poor job in providing online configuration best practices between the HD Pro X and Stagesource devices.  I feel as if I have to go all lab study and test and re-test every configuration becuase of this lack of documentation.  On the positive side, the community has helped me a lot and I appreciate that help.  So getting off my soap box, can someone help me with the best practices and strategy for setting up the volume between these devices and their associated patches.



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