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Helix LT Only Sees 1st IR in Helix Edit


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After I add IR's to the list in Helix Edit, my Helix LT (about 1 month old) will only let me select the IR in slot 1. It does not matter which IR I put in that slot, I can only select that one with the physical LT. However within Helix Edit I can select a different IR and assign it to the preset just fine and it shows on the LT. But if I get on the LT and turn the knob to select a different one, the original one disappears.

Some things I've tried:

1. Helix Edit: Drag and Drop the IR's, and have also tried "Import"

2. Swapped around the order of the IR's in Helix Edit

3. Deleted the IR block on the LT and added it back in

4. Confirmed that I am running v2.82 on both Helix Edit and the LT

5. Running Windows 10


I've attached screenshots of the Helix Edit screens.

~Pic1 shows the list of IR's in Edit

~Pic2 shows the IR selection in the preset in Edit

~Pic3 shows the dropdown in the preset that displays the list of available IR's in Edit, but they do not show up in the LT


Any ideas on how to remedy this?







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