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Steps to control PC+ master volume from Helix LT?


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Hey Folks,


Digging my Powecab 112 Plus (haven't been able to try out side the bedroom - no band practices or gigs), and I'm exploring controlling the master volume via MIDI. I believe this is an undocumented feature, but I found mention elsewhere and I'm wondering if anyone is doing this. Here's the post ( ):



Powercab+ Master Volume MIDI CC#7


I have no MIDI experience, but I'm hoping it's straightforward to tell the expression pedal to send a volume parameter message of some kind to control between a range. But if that's a global range (say 0 is no sound and 100% is full volume), then it would be a hassle having to adjust each preset according to the venue... (Obviously I haven't thought this out very far.)


Just curious your thoughts. Thanks!

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