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Poweramp modeling


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Maybe there is a another topic somewhere...

But Poweramp modeling only, just wonder how many Helix users that miss this?

Not too much votes on the idescale, but it’s really something i personally would like to have 

seen coming.... something like the Torpedo Cab.... would have been awesome!









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Yes, it's been brought up before. The reason there's not many votes on Ideascale is that there's just not a lot of people who think it's an awesome idea.


Somewhere over on TGP one of the Helix designers addressed this, and IIRC it went something like this:

There's an interaction between preamp and poweramp that is part of the reason why a specific amp sounds and feels the way it does.

This interaction can be modeled when you're dealing with a specific amp.

BUT - consider the total number of amps in Helix and figure out how much extra modeling would be necessary to match EVERY preamp with EVERY poweramp.


Not practical to satisfy a handful of users who are mostly just wondering "I wonder what that would sound like?".

This is also why (IMO/IME) many of us have discovered that using a Helix Preamp into the FX Return of a real amp, even the same kind, doesn't sound or feel the way we think it should. We might like the way it sounds, but it's just not the same as the real thing. Using the full Helix amp model (again, IME) sounds and feels better.


If you'd really like to try this, pick up a copy of BIAS AMP. I think it's an epic fail ( I have it), but some people think it's great.

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Thanks for this information and it make sense, but the only reason i would like to have a poweramp sim in Helix, is that i prefer to use my tube preamp(s) in the effectloop, and then out of my Helix into a class D stereo amp..... ,but I’ll guess i have to buy a torpedo cab or something like that to achieve this, but that would  add more latency in my signal chain....





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