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Frfr speaker vs powered PA speaker for Firehawk

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So I'm hoping that someone can explain this to me, without getting too technical about it. I understand that FRFR speakers, such as HR108 and Powercab, are designed specifically for guitar multieffects units. However PA speakers are designed to cater for all sound, be it drums, bass, guitar, vocals, violins, etc. Hence my question is, if PA speakers can cater for guitar and more, why is it, generally speaking, the view that multieffects should be plugged into FRFR and not an active PA speaker? As long as you eq for the speaker you are using you should be alright? Or am I getting this completely wrong? 

Furthermore I am considering getting a mixer, plugging in my mic and firehawk into this and run this into a Powered PA? Would this work and sound alright? 

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I’m not into detailed technical specs either. To me, an FRFR speaker and a PA speaker are the same thing. They are both very different from a typical guitar amp cab/speaker. 

Yes, you will get good results by running your mic and Firehawk through a mixer and powered PA speakers. 

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