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Some questions from a newbie user! Spider Jam

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Good evening,
I'm sorry if I'll make grammar mistakes, but I'm not english native.


I'm an "old newbie" on the Spider Jam, meaning that I used to play it at the time it was released ten years ago.. then I quit playing but now I'm starting to work back on my guitar and I would love to use it again.

I think I've read anywhere on the net but it seems I cannot find the right answer to these questions:

1. I'd like to plug my laptop directly into the Spider Jam, using it both to play music from the laptop as a backing track (it's a lot easier to control it from the laptop, rather than from the Jam's workspace), and to use it sometimes as a speaker when I want to listen to some music (and not playing guitar)... is it possible? Can I use the Aux input to plug my laptop in it? I mean, for example using the laptop output 3.5 jack (headphones)  to > Jam input 6.3 Aux
2. I know the Jam has been released in 2008 and the last firmware (2.09) is from 2009 or 2010... I also assume that the emulation technology has changed quite a bit in these 12 years.. Will there be released a newer version of the Jam or a similar one in short term? If so, when will it happen?
3. (I think I found an aswer to this one but I need a confimation on it) Can I upload my personal backing tracks (.wav/.mp3) or popular songs to practice with via the SD card on the rear.

4. Can I plug my Pod HD 500 directly into the Jam? I mean, on the front I see there's the FBV pedal input, but I don't think it is meant to be used with the Pod (or am I wrong?)... and using the guitar input I presume it will use the clean channel affecting the sound with its amps, tones and fx, etc. Is there a way to use the Jam "bypassing everything", using the the amp and FX emulation coming from the Pod?


I hope I have been clear with my questions.

Thank you in advance and best regards to anyone,

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1. Use CD/MP3 input, because AUX input it's not clean

2. No. And I 'm angry and disappointed because that

3. Read 1st answer. Even possible.

4. You must to create a clean patch. In my case, I created a patch with:

    • CLEAN
      • red
  • DRIVE 0
  • BASS, MID and TREBLE on noon
  • CHAN VOL to taste
  • both FX to OFF
  • REVERB 0

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