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Controlling HX Effects with Midi Controller (Instant Access Switches)


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Newbie here!


I'm looking into picking up an HX effects and have a question about being able to control it by using a midi controller.  I know the HX Effects can run up to 9 effects at a time.  Can I turn on each of those 9 effects using an instant access switch on my midi board?  I know want to use snapshots or presets, I specifically want the ability to turn on/off an effects (pedalboard style) from my midi controller using IA.  The manual looks like midi controls were for presets rather than the specific effects block, but I may have misread.




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@spanny --- yes, you can turn on/off any FX blocks via an external controller using any CC# you choose. The HX FX is extremely versatile when it comes to MIDI control. Check out the manual (available online) re: "Block Bypass via MIDI".

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