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POD HD Pro + Shortboard + 4 Cable Method Control Amp Channels

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Hi everyone. 


Well that's pretty much my question. Can I control my amp head channels thru my POD HD Pro (connected each other thru 4 cable method) using a Shortboard foot controller?

I wonder because Shortboard is not a MIDI device (uses network cable instead), so is it capable to control my amp or only my POD? if so, do I have to send a MIDI cable from my POD to my amp?


Thanks in advance.

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Every time you select a preset on the POD (directly or remotely) the device sends automatically a MIDI program change through its MIDI OUT..


the correspondence between the POD presets and the MIDI program changes follows a fixed table of values in sequence:

eg bank1 preset A corresponds to MIDI PC 000, bank1 preset B corresponds to MIDI PC 001, bank1 preset D corresponds to MIDI PC 003, bank2 preset A corresponds to MIDI PC 004, and so on..


So if your amp head is MIDI equipped you can connect the MIDI OUT of the POD to the MIDI IN of your amp, and depending on how the amp channels are MIDI programmed they will change accordingly to the received MIDI PCs.



All about POD HD500/X

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