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Recording with Logic sounds poor?

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Hi, this could be considered as a question more based towards the logic community but I'm sure someone here will know the answer! (I'm very much a logic noob)

I've had my helix about 2 months now and have established a setup that I quite like.

I currently use my helix with my Orange Tiny Terror using a basic setup. I've created a patch on my helix that sounds great, however, when I use this same patch plugged into my MacBook via USB into Logic, I get a very different sound.

I have downloaded the relevant driver and the helix registers when plugged in to my laptop. 

When recording I can hear my guitar tone output from my amp which sounds great, however when playing back on logic the audio sounds really quite poor. Logic has added its own amp, pedalboard, compressor and EQ which I turned off as I only want to use the helix sound, but this seemed to make it worse. In general it sounds very fuzzy and like there is a heavy low pass filter in the mix.

I've tried adjusting my tone while running logic but this makes no difference whatsoever, even when I turn the pre-amps channel volume all the way down etc.

I don't have proper studio monitors, I'm using a set of bose companions.


Thanks very much in advance!

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When you're using your preset through your Amp, you're hearing the Amp through it's speaker.

When you're sending to Logic via USB from Helix, you need to use a Helix Cab or IR for the signal.

Set a split at the end of the signal chain with a Cab or IR Block and a separate Output block set to USB 3/4 or 5/6.

Take the Input to the Logic Track from 3/4 or 5/6 instead of 1/2.

It might look something like the attached preset example.


For Recording.hlx

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Thanks for your response, i'll give it a try as soon as I get the chance around work and report back.

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