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Multiple instruments on Helix


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i have multiple instruments (Bass, LP, LP drop D, ST, ... ), but can afford only one Helix.

Are there any external MIDI controlled multiplexers/guitar switches available that i can wire up to the helix ?

If so, how can i setup the helix to quickly switch between instruments and patchsets with the push of a button while on stage ?

Regards Heiko

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Why not plug your other instruments into the other inputs, i.e. Aux, Return(s)?  Other than that, your question is regarding hardware that does exist but would be better directed towards a sales rep at whatever music store you frequent (p.s. if I understand your use case correctly, one solution could be a mixer with MIDI input, where you would program it to solo the channel indicated by your controller).

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I'm a multi instrumentalist.... everything is routed through the Helix. 

I'm limited by the number of inputs since i only have an LT, but I still have no problems keeping it clean and tidy. 

  • For my guitar input I do what @DunedinDragon says above. I have a Wireless and simply plug in each instrument as a grab it, then call it's corresponding preset(s). This includes my Electrics, 5 string banjo, Baritone, Dobro, Mandolin and Classical. 
  • Return 1 is setup for my Keyboards. 
  • Return 2 is setup for my Pedal Steel. 
  • My Variax is wired separately (VDI cable) and has it's own set of presets (eg: Acoustic, Acoustic Drop D, some electric tones, 6 String Banjo, etc... etc...)
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I have helix floor


Totally possible to have up to 4 separate inputs and output where you like (to a degree)


I have had 2 guitars, bass and vocal going through their own signal path with no particular issue - snap shot to change to say solo for one guitar or another


have has 2 x synth, guitar and vocal going on separate paths with changing synth presets per snapshot.

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