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Amplifi tt : no sound through PC


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I just bought a TT for a practice amp at home, and cannot get the audio to come through USB to the PC. 


I have installed the driver, and it is on the current version... 


also, is there no PC tone-editing software with it? like HX edit, but for the amplifi? I'd prefer to use the PC instead of the ipad. 


ipad works, but right now for sound, I'm having to use the headphone out and a small portable speaker, which is weak for a guitar amp tone. 




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I don't know if you can get audio from the amp to the PC via USB without using a DAW on direct monitor. I would recommend doing that, using headphones or getting a small FRFR system, like the Line 6 Powercab series but smaller. Or you could return the TT and get a 30. Sorry that isn't too helpful.


Unfortunately the AMPLIFi series doesn't have a PC-based tone editing software. I wish I could use my PC too but unfortunately not.


I hope this helps at least a bit.

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