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Connect Nord Lead 3 to a POD XT PRO (in stereo)

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Hello people, i have a Nord Lead 3 synth wich has 4 mono outputs, so that means that if i want to use it in stereo i should connect 2 mono 1/4 jacks to the destination, in this case i want to connect it to a POD XT Pro wich i saw that some artist do and it's possible, but i can't figure out how can i get a stereo connection by connecting them because the front Input of the POD is a Guitar In, so is a Mono input, So my questions goes to how can i connect my Nord Lead 3 to my POD XT Pro in Stereo? what inputs should i use?  

Thank you in advance!.

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19 hours ago, daveny5 said:

You could try plugging it into the Left and Right Effects Return. Not sure if that will do what you want, but might be worth a try. 


I try it and there is no sound at all, just like when i connect it to the Line Level Input of the back... i don't know what it could be wrong, there is a chance that connecting a unbalance output to a line level balance input without a D.I Box in the middle (i don't have one) there is no sound at all? or there is something wrong with my pod... 

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