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Odd Helix Behavior (Before 2.9)

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Last night I was having odd behaviour from my Helix. I was testing a bass with really noisey pickups and I was playing in a bass preset and it was super noisey and I was picking up electrical interference for sure. To test I plugged in my LTD Eclipse (another guitar with active pickups) and I was getting the same electromagnetic noisey. If I turn away, it would clear up, but it was not great - as I played the guitar, the buzz was loud (all signs online point to the wiring being the issue) but this guitar is BRAND new and was working perfectly 2 days ago.


Eventually the signal sounded like it was 'dying' - that sound as if it was cutting out or limp, no drive, no feeling. I was freaking out. I thought my Helix was having electrical issues or about to break.


Now today, its totally fine. I am kind of worried as I don't know if there is actually something wrong with it, or if it was a one off? I did all the things like try new cables, plug into different outlets, etc.


Anyone have any idea what may have been happening?

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