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Charger or Battery Problem with Variax Standard


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I try to charge my battery with the charger included with my Variax, but no light comes on (on the charger).  I tested the charger with a multitester, and it appears to have voltage at the contacts.  The battery also appears to have full voltage when testing with a multitester, but when I put it in the guitar, the lights flash, then it dies.  If I get a light when I press the test button, it's only one and it goes out immediately.  I'm considering getting the cable power kit, but if it's just the charger, I'd rather get that.  Up until this issue, the battery had been charging properly and working in the guitar.  I only discovered this after I had not used the guitar or battery for over 6 months.  Our local VFW has jam sessions half the year, and that's the only time I use the modeling in my Variax Standard.  Thanks in advance for any help!

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Don't waste your time with  the battery, it's empty after 3 hours!

Go for a VDI cable if you have a line 6 pedalboard with variax input (no battery needed)

of go for this https://www.amazon.com/Line-Variax-Cabled-Power-Kit/dp/B006HKEMEW

You save a lot of time and energy to reload your battery every time

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