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HX stomp routing

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I have an amp with Suhr RLIR.


What I’m wondering is if I can use the stomp in 4CM with the amp but also feed the line out from the RLIR back into the stomp (I guess in the other input)  when I’m using it as a recording interface.  I want to be able to record with the amp but use some of the Stomp’s effects in front of it.

If so, how would I set that up?


At the moment, I’ll I’ve been able to figure out is to either run the RLIR directly into the Stomp or use the stomp in 4cm like a normal amp setup (not interfaced with computer.






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Attached is a sample preset showing how to do it.


Essentially, your guitar is plugged into L/Mono.

You split off Path B using a RIGHT RETURN BLOCK, and pulling down the MERGE point to create a separate Output Block (Output 3/4).

Path A is panned hard left.

Path B is panned hard right.

Use only MONO blocks on Path A.

Path A Output is panned hard left.

Path B Output is panned hard right.


Your 1/4" MONO cable for 4cm wiring goes into the SEND.

The AMP's FX Loop Send goes into the L/MONO Return jack.

L/MONO OUT goes to the AMP's FX Loop Return as normal for 4cm.

The RLIR Line Out goes into the RIGHT Return jack.


In your DAW, take the Track Input from Input 4.


OK, I think I got that all straight. Let me know how it works.



Suhr RLIR.hlx

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