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Mac - keyboard to UX2 to Garageband not working

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Trying to help my son record some music during this lockdown.  Dusted off my UX2 and hooking it up to his macbook air.  So many issues.


Finally got drivers installed, switched audio input in settings to UX2...  switched audio input in garageband to ux2.


But I can't get keyboard sounds to record.


Using quarter-inch cable out of keyboard into UX2.  Then USB into mac.   I've tried multiple 1/4" cables, so that's not the issue.  I know USB works because garageband knows the UX2 is plugged in. I created a "real instrument" track-- but whether I plug audio cable into instrument port, or into line inputs 1 or 2, no matter how loudly I pound on the keyboard, the meters on the UX2 don't budge, and there's no audio recorded on garageband.


Coming out of keyboard's line output.  Have also tried headphone output.  Neither work.


Any suggestions?

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