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Off topic but I need help with PC networking


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I hope it doesn't break rules to ask, but does anyone have a recommended forum or two for PC troubleshooting help?  I'm pretty good with PC's but I haven't had a need to network in years and am having a hell of a time getting two Win10 PC's networked.  I dabbled at times trying just a little but since I didn't have the need, I wouldn't push too hard.  I think I've cleared up what could have been causing issues(wireless router for VR in between one PC's wired connection, other PC WiFi) and think I am in a good spot but don't want to move forward with out good advice on the best way to network them without opening up security holes.  I reset both network configs selecting the 'Network Reset' from the 'Network Status' panel, and the two PC's can see each other, but I am at the point where it is asking for credentials; login/password, and I do not want to make these 'Microsoft Account' machines, so I'm hoping you can setup unique credentials just for networking.  Both PC's are now wired directly into the Comcast router.



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Taking this one question at a time.

1) Are you logged in as Admin?

2) Do you normally log in as Admin?

3) there are many points at which Win10 Networking setup might ask for credentials. Where EXACTLY are you?


Start with those three.


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Thanks for your reply. I was excited when I saw it, and ready to give you a thorough take of where I was until I logged in today and found;

1) Both PC's could see 'PC1' but neither PC could see 'PC2', in networking

2) Both were there last night and I didn't change a thing

3) I did multiple reboots and now neither PC is showing up on the other


Instead of ranting more and pulling my hair out, I'll respond to your questions as best I can.

-My user account is an Admin account on both (Imgur pics below)

-I do not login. Both boot right into Win10


I have 2 practically identical PC's (i7 Intel CPU on both; ASRock mobo's; Nvidia Cards; lots of RAM; updated drivers)

-Both are connected to a Comcast Router with 50' network cables

-I keep Win10 updated

-Network drivers are updated (via Windows)


Last night, I 'Network Reset' on both and made them both 'Visible'

-And I could see 'PC1' and 'PC2' on both.  Today, as stated above, I could see 'PC1' on both but now neither.


I'm starting to think it's the;

-Way I login

-Cable length of 50', or the;

-Comcast router not handling the Win10 PC networking well, but how would that account for a PC not seeing itself in Networking when it has been made visible?


Tonight I'm going to try;

-Connecting both PC's with WiFi

-Putting a router between them and the Comcast router


Thankfully, I still have a full head of hair.


Well the pic file size limit was a disaster so here's a series of pics on Imgur, for reference.


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You don't want to un-wire your network

Rule #1 of optimizing for audio applications is TURN OFF WIRELESS!


Now, so you know you're not crazy. I've been networking Windows computers, personally and professionally, since v3.3 WFW.

Win 10 is the biggest PITA. I've spent hours on the phone with multiple levels of Microsoft Support on exactly the problem you're seeing.

I have two laptops. I gen7 I7 (HP) and a gen3 I5 (Gateway).

The Gateway ethernet adapter stopped working with W8 (still works with W7). Microsoft says "Not our problem" and Broadcomm refuses to communicate.

Sound familiar?

So I have to go wireless on the Gateway, which is NBD since it's primary function is reading email and streaming music so I can jam along on my Stomp.

The HP is wired and is my primary music production box. It's also host to my 2TB Network drive.


The HP sees the Gateway, and the shared drives are visible in Explorer. The Gateway does not see the HP.

Both laptops see each other as MEDIA DEVICES.


The workaround is to map the shared drives on the HP to the Gateway manually. And I mean manually. You need to type the paths in by hand.

And it works! Try it.


This pic is Explorer on the Gateway.

Gateway drive Y is the network drive on the HP (HP drive f - I never bothered to name it).

Gateway drive Z is the Impulse Response folder on the HP desktop.




As to the permissions thing, try this:




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"You don't want to un-wire your network"

"Rule #1 of optimizing for audio applications is TURN OFF WIRELESS!"


I 100% agree, and that's why it was a stop-gap troubleshooting test, when I'm at a loss.


Thanks for your feedback and I'll take another shot tomorrow.




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Those two screenshots gave me enough to work with. It didn't take long at all, I just didn't get to it until a bit ago.


I started with your 2nd screenshot and sharing permissions, changing it to 'Turn off password protected sharing'.


Then mapped two drives on each PC to the other.  They come up every reboot!  It's a hack relative to what you should be able to do, but it works and that's all that matters to me.  This isn't a bad approach anyway for security. Unless you have the need why open up to sharing any more than a couple folders to transfer files or access across two PC's? 



Ridiculous. Why in the hell could I see both PC's across each other, then only one across both, and then none across both, and then one across both, when all I'm doing is rebooting?!?  The mapped drives come up every time.


Win10 is solid in many ways on the surface but when you have to go under the hood it is schizo.  They have lost control of their selection options and dialog boxes under the hood in trying to make a one-size-fits-all OS. It all went to hell when they starting building for tablets.  I've been using PC's since the 486 and 3.1 and they have artifacts from every OS under the hood, depending on what you click on.  I see Win 3.11 dialog boxes, Win 2000 etc.  And the interface makes no sense, using mouse settings as an example. It starts with what I call the 'soft' tablet-type selection screens.  But if you want to do anything that matters you always end up at the ancient, but functional, old mouse panel by selecting 'additional mouse options'.


Why wouldn't MS just standardize all this stuff in one upgrade?



You know this but I wanted to post the basic steps I used, based on your feedback, to note it here for others. And so I can reference it again!  :)


**Share a Folder**

  • Pick a folder on PC1
  • In this case PC1 = 'Music'
  • Give access to> specific people> Everyone> read/write

**Map Network Drive**

  • On PC2
  • In Explorer: select 'map network drive' in top ribbon
  • Select an available drive letter
  • If folder name is 'Transfer2' on Computer named 'Music', then;
  • \\Music\Transfer2


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Glad you got it working.


Microsoft supports old applications for as long as they possibly can. The price for that compatibility is that Windows has more lines of code than the IRS Tax rules, EPA Regulations and the complete U.S. Tort laws. NOBODY knows all there is to know about Windows.


Well, except for maybe a few unemployed but very wealthy Eastern European hackers .........:-)

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