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Top Tips for Using Helix and DT25 Amp Together

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I have these both working together and it's all good.  However, I don't think I'm getting the best out of it and the sound through the amp is not always as good as I think it could be.  Is there a best practice guide anywhere?  I've struggled to find any useful materials on using these great bits of kit together.


One thing that is pretty hard to work with is that the different preamps can have vastly different output levels, so switching from one patch to another has me reaching for the master volume all the time.  Any way to minimise that?

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Hi Dazza. I use my LT with the DT25 combo. I have a setlist just for use with the DT25.


The main thing I would say is to use 'pre-amp' blocks rather than 'amp' or 'amp+cab' blocks. If you then scroll through the output block settings you will get to DT amp settings. There you can set up Pentode / Triode, class A or AB etc and if you connect with L6 Link cable (AES/EBU - XLR is too noisy) then the Helix will drive the settings into the DT power amp and switch the power amp with each preset.


The new 2.9 firmware now has output metering so you should find it easier to set volumes. I tend to book up the Helix to Garageband and set the channel volumes looking at the levels in Garageband to check they are fairly even. I've had the Helix for about 9 months now and have settled down to using only 4 or 5 pre-amp models that I really like and can get what I want from. I spent ages trying to get 'divided by' loud enough with a clean sound and gave up on the end. I tend to use JTM45 now.


Hope this helps.





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