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Lockdown fever hit me hard when three days into the 5 weeks (so far) I realised I was a long way from my music gear.

I searched around and found a shiny new JTV 59,  a POD HD500X, a StageSource L2M and this afternoon my DT25 will arrive to complete the Dream Rig (yeah, I'm 8 years late to the party).

All that was missing was a battery on the JTV. The dealer let me know it was missing and the price was lowered accordingly.

After reading all the useful threads on here I ordered a Line6 battery from Thommen (and a week later a spare from Andertons) but I still wanted a couple more as they are a useful size for some LED camera lights I run.

I searched the web for JTV Variax compatible batteries and bought two from different suppliers.

One will simply not charge on the Variax charger and when charged elsewhere will not be recognised by the Variax.

The other has charged happily from a third party charger AND the Variax recognises it. I'm using a third party charger as my Variax one just lights up with a constant red LED on power up without a battery so I have a new one on order.

Both batteries are branded Cameron Sino. The one that works has the model number CS-AML710BL (part no 180-7100) It is rated at 2200mAh and is 16.28Wh just like the Line 6 battery, although the case is quite different in its detailing.

The one that doesn't work in the Variax is Model No: CS-LNE100SL (Part no: BA12) It is rated at 2600mAh and 19.24Wh.

I'll be keeping both as light/camera batteries and using on as a crisis spare but as far as possible using my approved batteries when every I'm not running the POD.


The battery that did work came from batteryupgrade.co.uk.

Thommen and Andertons.co.uk are currently ( May 1st, 2020) both showing Line6 batteries in stock.


Obviously I can't guarantee the performance or safety of these batteries but the Variax seems happy to accept it.

Sorry my first post is such a long waffling one. Lockdown.....

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ONLY USE Line 6 batteries in these guitars. Li-Ion is not something to mess with.

Part# 98-034-0009,... use Only these batteries, it's a known quality and quantity.

Anything else is nothing but problems and failure hazards.


When transporting or shipping these guitars, REMOVE the battery from the guitar

and send it along in a side pouch or something in the shipping box.


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Noted and acted upon. As I said I now have two Line6 batteries plus the HD500X so I should be ok for power.

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