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Hx Stomp external expression knob not using full rotation


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I made a dual expression knob controller for my Stomp. Both potentiometers are 10k  linear, lug one is connected to tip/ring (one for each pot) and lugs 2 & 3 are connected to ground. When hooked up to the Stomp, the stomp reads 100% at about the 2 o’clock position, and when I went to the “Learn” setting, it reaches 100% at about the 4 o’clock position, but still not at the full rotation. So essentially, the Learn setting did something, but it seems like the Stomp still isn’t using the full rotation of the knob. The last 15% or so of the knob doesn’t do anything. 

Did I wire the pot correctly or do I have the right pot value? Or is there a calibration setting that I don’t have right?

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I'm planning to do the exact same and just stumbled upon this thread through a google search. A simple wiring diagram would probably help people reply to your question.


Did you use a TRS to 2xTS cable (splitting the tip and ring), then wire each potentiometer to one of the TS jacks? Or did you run a straight TRS cable to your controller with a single jack and wire both potentiometers to the same jack? If you haven't already watched it, this video might be useful. 


Based on what you described, I don't think it would help, but you can try changing the foot switch settings in preferences if you haven't already to see what happens (see attached).


The pot value should be 10k ohm linear, that's what the official mission pedals use.



Footswitch Settings.png

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@kevin627 Nice! I'm connecting it directly with a TRS cable, and wiring the stereo jack directly to the pots and not splitting it to 2 TS jacks. I'm essentially using this wiring diagram, and adapting it so that my second pot is connected to ring instead of tip.




My research seems to agree with you, that pots should be 10kB.


Let me know how your project goes!

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