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Clicks and pops using the USB audio interface


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I've had this issue for a long time, but always attributed it to running too much stuff in my live set(plugins, softsynths, etc.) The glitches were annoying, but I figured I'd sort it out before taking the board on stage. 

I finally decided to rebuild a more minimal setup and am super disappointed that my clicks and pops haven't gone away. Ableton's CPU meter shows around 3-4% utilization. Activity monitor shows Live using around 40% or so. My sample buffer size is currently at 256. When using an Apogee Duet, the same project can easily handle a 64 sample buffer size. 

I've had this issue with 3 different Mac laptops. They're all Retina Macbooks with a clock speed of around 2.8ghz, 16GB ram, and a big SSD. 

A sample buffer size > 256 is probably unworkable for me, but in the meantime, I'll see if I can reproduce with a buffer size of 2048. 


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I don't normally use Ableton, but to test your situation I created a simple Ableton (v10) Project using EZKeys, EZDrummer, and Native (v1.91).

Using my Stomp (v2.91) as interface, set to 128 spls.

Using an ancient 3rd gen i5 Gateway Laptop, 8gb/256gb ssd, Win10.


I've got no snap/crackle/pop.


Something else going on there, maybe some of the MAC kids will chime in?



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A few things to try:


1) Make sure Helix and Daw are clocked to the same sample frequency (44.1khz, 48khz, or 96khz)

2) Make your computer's i/o the word clock master and have every other digital device slave to that.

3) as you said.... try different buffer settings


Sean Meredith-Jones

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