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Missing effects in my hx stomp?


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Recently got myself an Hx stomp which I’m beginning to really like - but for this one thing:
i was surprised to see I had just the ‘ubiquitous vibe’  - not the other typical rotary drum sims in the ‘modulation’ list. Having looked at the manual& a couple videos I saw 2 effects were actuall missing - rotary 145 & rotary 122, as well as most if not all legacy modulation  effects for that matter. 
I’m running the latest firmware (2.91).

Any thoughts?




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What do you mean by ‘missing’? Do they not appear in the model list at all, or are they greyed out? If they don’t appear at all, make sure you are looking in the proper sub-category of MOD models (mono, stereo, legacy).

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Missing as in not appearing (vs greyed out which as I understand means beyond DSP limit given current usage). 

Thanks -  I guess I skipped the part where sub-menus are explained... they're all there. Shame on me & back to school & actually reading the manual... 

Speaking of which: Rotary 122 & 145 are listed in the table page 20 of the manual (that much I did catch), here's the link https://line6.com/data/6/0a020a4010c935bb66a4c0c44f/application/pdf/HX Stomp Manual - English .pdf


thanks again !

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