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FBV shortboard mkll with Spider Valve mkll HD100 Controller

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I've had this LIne 6 Spider Valve mkii HD100 for about 8 years and I love it. However, I've recently gotten back into playing again and I've been looking for the software to be able to edit the presets in the FBV shortboard mkii I'm using in conjunction with the Spider Valve. I'm having an issue finding the software on the line 6 website to be able to edit these presets from my laptop. I'm not sure if it simply doesn't exist any longer or if I am mistaken and simply can't seem to locate it. I currently have the monkey 3 installer and it looks like everything is up to date, other than the controller. However, when I attempt to update it, it prompts me to the Line 6 website base and tells me there is no software for this device. Any and all info would be useful. Thanks!

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3 hours ago, fflbrgst said:

There are no presets in the Shortboard - it is a controller.  The preset patches are in your amp, that's where you need to access, change and save them.

Yes, I familiar that this is simply a controller and the presets are not saved in the shortboard. I am looking for the software to edit the presets on my laptop, so I can transfer to and from the amp head. Or am I incorrect and that this is not an option at all?

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I'm not sure you can do that with the Valve amp, you could with the Spider IV amps, the software is called 'Spider Edit'.  I see it in the Downloads section of this website for Spider IV use, not for Spider Valve, though.

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