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Helix LT live setup help


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Hello line 6 folk

I'd like to ask for some help/advice as a new helix LT user for a one-man band setup with in-ears and Frfr cab on stage.

I’ve come up with a setup I think might work, but I’d like your advice/suggestions.

I would sing and play guitar over home-made backing tracks with a click panned to left and backing-track to right

I've seen some good vids on you tube but they either show a setup with the LT with no vocals, or a setup using the full Helix- which I don't have.

I want to have backing track, live guitar, vocals and click in-ears, and everything except click for PA.

It would be small clubs.


The gear would be an IPAD, Helix LT, FRFR cab and a Behringer mixer e.g xenyx 802


Proposed setup for above:



Click track to mixer

Backing track (BT) to Helix via R1 (with R1 set at line level) so I can use its global EQ if needs be



Path 1A

·        GTR in --- FX + amp and cab sim --- multi out (¼ out and XLR out)

·        ¼ out is at line level and sent to mixer line in.

·        XLR out at line level to FRFR cab.


Path 2A

·        R1 input at start of path receiving backing track from IPAD at line level (hopefully IPAD is loud enough) then sent to mixer at line level from S1. (BT sent to Helix to enable Global EQ to a better extent than mixer EQ.


Path 2B

·        R2 input at start of path as input receiving Vox from mixer at line level (hopefully mixer pre-amp is loud enough)

·        Add FX to Vox and use S2 to send Vox back to mixer at line level



·        Receiving click track from IPAD

·        Mic plugged in to XLR channel then sending raw Vox to Helix R2(using 1-click method ?), Fx added in Helix then sent back to mixer line-input via Helix S2. 

·        Receiving BT from Helix via Helix’s S1

·        Receiving live guitar from Helix ¼ out.

·        All tracks sent to mixer headphones out for in-ears.

·        All except click sent to PA via master out



·        Receiving guitar + FX + amp + cab sim via XLR out.


Does this seem like it would work in practice? Any suggestions for improvements?


Thanks very much.



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