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Is It Worth Struggling On, Or Just Get A Spark?


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Hi folks, struggling to motivate myself with the Spider Jam amp I have. Firstly, I got it free (unexpectedly) with a second hand guitar I bought; secondly, I got quite excited when I researched info and reviews about it. However, it’s volume control seems to act like a Fender amp, i.e. barely audible 1-2 or 1-3, then effing loud beyond that. Its cleans are ok, where they are clean and not subject to modulation, except the ‘blues - green’ which is excellent. The presets are pretty crap except 50s/60s songs, and those are guitar-dependant for authenticity - everything else sounds very flat or hair-metal inspired. However, in order to fix this you have to deep dive through menus (scant info in either manual downloaded; videos online more like infomercials). This is where my biggest problem lies: the cost of a new and under warranty, never mind mint condition used, fbv3 or fbv shortboard mk2 foot controller is ridiculous for what they are, and almost begs the question of whether to ditch the old tech and buy a Positive Grid Spark, or go for the foot controller (which one works best?) and persevere with the SJ? Open to the floor...

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On 5/8/2020 at 6:10 AM, psarkissian said:

Get the online owner's manual and do a Factory Reset,... see of that clears up. anything.

 I’ve had a Spider Jam for the last ten years. Great amp, but I often get a loud buzz that comes and goes on its own. Different guitars, different leads, no fx pedals. The buzz reduces when I touch the strings but does not go away. Starts and stops suddenly. I live in a country with a two pin power supply so no earth on the power cord.

 Also have a play button that no longer works. Any way to fix that without dismantling the amp?



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