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My unit shipped with ver. 2.65. What firmware version is considered the most reliable at the moment?


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Go for 2.91. You just started using Helix, so start with the latest features and build your presets based on them.


You will find a bunch of bad news for every update after it was published. That might leave the impression that the latest update is unstable or not reliable.

At least from my experience, no version felt unstable so far. There will always be the 20 people having trouble with an update or having a very special use case that is blocked by an update... but the thousands of users that update successfully will never write a forum post about it. 

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Do the update to 2.91! There's a vastly improved Helix Core at the heart of the update and now Helix Edit handles the process. Just follow the directions on the Line 6 site and don't worry. As you have a new unit, it may be that you have yet to create too many custom Presets. So you might as well start fresh with 2.91 and go from there. If you may have created any Presets that you don't wish to recreate from scratch, the installation and upgrade process of 2.91 offers you the ability to first do a Backup from which you may subsequently restore Presets, Globals Settings and more. Also, you can install and upgrade directly to 2.91 from the version you currently have. There is no reason to go incrementally version by version. Hope this helps. 

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