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G10 Relay update through Spider V60 Using IPad

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Does anyone know how to update the G10 Relay, thru the Spider v 60 amp using an iPad.

I was able to update the actual amp using the app on my iPad but there are no instructions on how to update the actual relay Firmware through the app.  

I have plugged in the Relay, but it's just blinking green as if it is charging.

I do not have access to a PC/Mac at the studio. 

Any help would be appreciated. 



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You have to use a Mac or PC to do the update. The update is done with the line 6 updater app.

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Since with Spider V 60 amp, the receiver is built into the amp, to update the G10, I came up with the following process that worked for me. Unfortunately, non of the the instructions specify on how to update through the Amp at the time of writing this. 


Here is the process to do this through Spider V Amp:


1- Download the updated to your laptop as the standard process specified and start the updater.

2- With Amp off, connect the USB cable to the back of the AMP (make sure to set the switch to Computer)

3- Plug in the G10 to the Amp.

4- Turn on the Amp

5- Plug in the USB cable to the computer

6- Go back to the Updater software to update the FW for the Amp and the Relay.


Please do this at your own risk as I am not affiliated in anyway to line 6 and just a customer. 


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