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What is your current rig? come and post!

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This is a thread for guitarists (and bassists! The low end is important!) who want to share what their rig is and what they are planning in the future. Share what Guitars, Effects and amps you have!




Currently I'm a part of a Punk band and this is what I work with:



A Stratocaster (Looking at some Les Pauls and some dimarzio evolution humbuckers.

An old mexican squier tele currently it doesn't have a nut or strings



Pedal Board

the good ol' Boss tuner, the tu-3

Boss BD-2 ( my favourite overdrive by far)

Boss MD-2 

Arion Chorus (the thing is like as old as a dinosaur but sounds super good)

Hx stomp

1. Phaser

2.  Tremolo

3.  Britt 2204 

4.  4x12 cali 30 cab

5. Plate verb
6. Digital Delay


Boss dd-7 (isn't a part of the board, because I'm using the hx stomp for delay but will use it soon so I can free up space on the stomp for eq)



That's my Rig so far I'm planning on buying some more effects and a boss Katana 212





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my rig is fairly simple 


I use guitars.

*Only 2 matter to me but they aren't part of my 'tone'. The other 100 are either collectible items, specific-use items, or guitars that are bought today and sold tomorrow. 



Line 6 HD 500/500X/Pro X 

*Yes, I have all 3 of the units (I do not have an HD Pro), but I only use one at a time. They are all the same, so nothing changes in my tone. But because of my situation(s), I have multiple of the same. Between travel, multiple homes, and sometimes I use a floor unit and sometimes a rack unit... 




I run direct to the PA. 

*sure, I have headphones, monitors, amps, and even those little $10 computer speakers. But those are to be used when... as example, I am here and want to play, so I plug in what I have available. Or maybe the "and friends" gig I host every week, requires me to take my own monitors because of the much smaller sound system. 

The goal is to have nothing between the pod and the sound guy. 


***depending on the employer, I may have specific devices. such as a talk box or wireless or a midi/sync system. But in general, it is guitars and a pod. 




And life couldn't be better. 
What once took all day to pack up, load up and load in, unpack, set up, sound check, tear down, re-pack, re-load and then re-unload... 

I can now show up at the venue 5 minutes before show time and be ready to go. I don't. But I could. 

And because everything is digital presets, I never have to worry about anyone turning any knobs messing everything up. Just recall the preset and it is back to where it should be. 



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