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Helix Native - controlling Digitech Whammy in Reaper


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59 minutes ago, Schivosa said:

How can I setup a whammy pedal to change positions quickly in Reaper?


I'm assuming you are wanting to change the pedal position with the Pitch Wham block.  This would be done with automation.  Checkout Page 43 in the Helix Native Pilot's Guide, found here: Helix Native Pilot's Guide. That should get you headed in the right direction.  


My apologies if I totally missed the mark.  If I did, just reply back with a bit more detailed information as to what you are trying to do.

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From the Digitech Whammy manual:


MIDI Continuous Control
Using MIDI continuous control commands, the Whammy’s Expression Pedal position can be
remotely controlled. MIDI CC11 adjusts the Expression Pedal position. A value of 0 on MIDI CC11
corresponds to a toe up position and a value of 127 corresponds to a toe down position.




The Digitech Whammy does not SEND MIDI. You'd need to assign an Expression pedal in Helix to operate the Whammy, and record the MIDI in Reaper.

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6 hours ago, Schivosa said:

I'm not using an actual pedal. I'm using the pitch block in Helix Native. Do I have to use MIDI CC11 in Native?


You should change the thread title you specified DIGITECH Whammy!


Since you're NOT using a DIGITECH Whammy, you can assign whatever CC# you want.

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