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recording causes usb audio to change pitch

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I just bought a helix lt so I'm pretty dumb with the thing. I plug my lt into the computer using the USB cable and have headphones and guitar into the helix. I've used cakewalk, audacity and ableton. I listen to an mp3, the song is 100% in pitch. But when I add the song to a recording program and go to record, the pitch of the song changes by a half step. When I record guitar and playback I get the same thing. I've restarted, used different programs, I can't figure out what is causing the issue. The guitar in the helix never changes pitch, only playback from a recording program (and any subsequent audio after the issue occurs)

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It it sounds like your daw is set to record/playback at a higher sample rate than your mp3.  I suspect it’s defaulting to the incoming sample rate of the helix...


You will need to change your sample rate of the daw and the helix to 44.1 if you’re playing with an mp3.


There’s a post at the end of this linked thread on how to change the helix sample rate in windows.  


I wish there was a way to do it in the helix unit itself or in Hx edit.  AFAIK, you have to do it in your computer’s OS.




Sean Meredith-Jones 


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If you're using a PC, another very important thing to check: in any DAW you're using, make sure the audio device is ASIO Helix.


It sounds to me like your computer is struggling with audio playback for some reason, causing the playback to be slow and you perceive it as a drop in pitch. Although any time I've ever heard that happen, it includes a bunch of ugly audio artifacts.

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I tried this in Reaper and in Cakewalk. I could not reproduce the problem. What am I missing?


DAW and Helix set to 48k.

Helix as AI.

Dragged an mp3 backing track in A into the DAW.

Headphones into Helix, DAW output set to 1/2.

Playing into Helix, so they're mixed in Helix, not even an input to the DAW.


"A" is "A". 


Am I missing something?

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