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Physical Tuning vs. Alternativ Tuning


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i am now I proud user of a Shuriken SR 270 since a couple of days. I’m using 10-52 strings on it. I’m playing 50/50 in D-Standard and E-Standard tunings.

So for the time I found no final solution for me how to setup the guitar.
If I physically tune the Shuriken to D-Standard I am loosing all the Standard settings of the Tuning knob and the factory preset tunings. I have to adapt all the setting with lot of effort in Workbench HD. On the other hand If I tune it to E-Standard (Drop-D) i can use the factory presets (or user presets) out of the box without to jingle to much in the Workbench software but loosing the advantage of the 27" scale to physically use lower tunings. 
So from your experience what might work better:

a) Physically D-Standard and emulate E-Standard (Implements a lot of work in Workbench HD).

b) Physically E-Standard and emulate D-Standard (using out of the box but loosing advantage of 27" scale, piezo might better work)

Let me know what you suggest.

Thank you in advance.

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Kind of seems to me like the long scale length is maybe not being utilized for it's most traditional purpose, if you still have to tune it to E standard and use electronic drop tuning.


I mean, the whole point is that you tune it down, when it's a longer scale length.


But I guess you can enjoy the higher tension of longer scale length, which I guess some players would enjoy.


But, I mean, speaking as someone who has yet to buy either Shurikan (I still use an old 300 highly modified),,,,


A really cool feature UNIQUE TO THE 270 would be to allow it to be tuned to drop D or open D and have the tunings knob work natively with that as your base tuning.  Then you're playing a long scale guitar that feels like a normal long scale guitar - not tighter tighter strings (longer scale tune up to regular tuning) or much lighter gauge than you're used to (if you even have room to go lighter - I play 9-48 so no useful room to lower tension except on the lowest couple strings).  Actually sort of seems like this should have been in the basic design of the 270... why have a long scale guitar otherwise?


Although the long scale does LOOK the part, even if there's no real advantage to playing one over the 250 25.5" scale from a variax point of view, and some disadvantages (maybe compromises is a more polite term) of playing one from a guitarist<->string-feel point of view.

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