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Hi all,


I've just recently started to use Helix Native in Ableton Live 10. It's a wonderful plug-in, and now I can't understand how I managed without it before :-) Every tweak I do in a patch is stored along with the track. I can even clean out all the presets in Native, and it won't affect the Project. And I don't have to save the patch separately (unless I want to). What a blessing!!!


My only (small complaint) is that my choice of snapshot is not saved along with the track (for snapshot 2 and higher). I have to go in and adjust it in automation for each and every clip I record (in Session View). If I don't, it reverts back to "snapshot 1" every time I close and open the Live Set.


If it's no obvious reason for it to be like this, it might be a hint to the developers team to change it. If I'm not going to change snapshots with automation anyway, I'll fiddle less with knobs and parameters.



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