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Why the Metal Zone instead of the HM-2

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Longtime Line 6 user (I still use my PODXT Live), but this is my first forum post ...  I just ordered a POD GO, and hope to get it as soon as the whole COVID this dies down and companies start shipping product again.  So I notice that in the selection of Distortion pedal models, Line 6 still insists on using one of the worst metal pedals ever, the Boss Metal Zone.  Why keep using this oft reviled pedal?  Instead of that, why not design a model of the Boss HM-2, which basically only had one good sound, but it was a GOOD sound that tons of bands used to get that "chainsaw" buzz for that "Swedish" death metal tone -  bands like Entombed, Dismember, Unleashed, and Bloodbath defined Swedish Death Metal with this sound. 


I'd love to see this in a software update soon. 

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