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Revv Purple Snapshot Preset, How Does This Work For You?


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I'm curious to know how my working preset with the Revv Purple as my main snapshot (also has clean, crunch and lead snaps!) transitions to other people's setups? I'm using Ownhammer impulses on this, both are from the Cali Duo pack. The top one I have set to the V70 57-03 and the bottom is the V70 160-01 if you have them and want to go for absolute parity. The EQ block that's there isn't tied to anything currently. It's just a weird filter type effect that I might use for some intros or breaks. 


I set this patch up with a Schecter C1 Platinum that I swapped the stock 81/85 pickups out of in favor of the Duncan Nazgul/Sentient set. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you and if you'd modify anything. It sounds pretty good on my setup (JBL LSR305's) most days. I should note that I do have a hearing deficiency in my left ear, so I'm getting varied self opinions on the sound. Sometimes I think it's way too bright, other times it sounds just right. Since my hearing fluctuates from day to day, it's hard for me to say which is "normal". Is it way too bright or just right? YMMV on this if you don't have the same gear, I know, but that's also part of what I want to know is how it sounds on yours as is? I'm not super concerned with the other 3 snaps at the moment, just snap 3 since that's my home base and main point of concern. But I'll take input on the others as well. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated since I'm looking to record some stuff soon. Reamping later is definitely an option but takes more time, and as a one man show that added time is valuable. Thanks in advance all!

Revv Purple SNAP.hlx

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I'm using a Les Paul  with a Duncan SH-5, and I don't have the IRs you're using, so this isn't a straight up comparison, but I think this particular snapshot sounds great.  It's got more low end than I would usually go for, but that's just a personal preference.  It sounds good and not muddy.  I definitely don't think it's too bright, but that could be down to what you're shooting for with the tone and what you're monitoring on.  I'm monitoring on a pair of Mackie CR3s - not a top shelf set of monitors, but they have been treating me well with setting up tones.

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