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How I can obtain one good record with my Firehawk FX?


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I'm begineer in the world of records and I start testing my Firehawk FX how one audio interface, however, I having problems:

first I connect my Firehawk FX in my nootebook with the USB entrance; adjust the volume level of record on my computer in the max and start recording in the Audacity but the volume of my records don't is good how the volume of another records that I view in YouTube. What is the problem of my records? I need buy one audio interface to solve this or exist one resource that can help me and I don't know?


Grateful if you can help me!

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I wouldn't use the FH as a recording interface, because even though it should do the job, the support hasn't been the best on behalf of Line6, they're not updating drivers anymore and there are some features that are not working properly in the unit. Using an external interface will get you the best recording quality for sure. I have a Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD, and even though that 202HD I bought is buggy and glitchy, it works perfectly with all the daws I use, such as FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton Live and so on. 

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