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Just received my 75 yesterday, but based on my observations so far I found this to be a pretty fair and accurate review. I still have a few unanswered questions, but more time with the amp will answer them I feel sure. So far I like it for the ease of use and full-range capabilities. My biggest beef? No dedicated line output. My most requested feature? Give the USB jack the capability to be used as a recording I/O so I can connect it to my DAW for recording and playback.

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plenty of reviews/press out there:





NAMM University - Best In Show








Guitar Center: https://www.youtube....h?v=INdxYHjrym0 (Interview with Paul Foeckler)




Guitar World: https://www.youtube....ure=c4-overview




Gitarre & Bass (DE): http://www.gitarreba...r-Cloud-3763482




Premier Guitar: http://www.premiergu...mplifi-150-demo




Session (DE): https://www.youtube....h?v=d52-F4asQZg




SonicState (UK): http://www.sonicstat...om-line-6-video/









Music Radar: http://www.musicrada...c-player-592226


"Four-and-a-half out of five stars."


"Line 6, purveyor of modeling technology as seen in the POD series, is known for pushing the boundaries and its latest product, revealed on the first day of the 2014 NAMM show, certainly demonstrates that innovative streak, big time."


" We all love to play along with our favourite songs and this is by far the most convenient way to do that yet invented."


"Verdict: Putting a music playback system and a versatile guitar amp in a single box is a mad/genius idea that actually works, and works well."




Gizmodo: http://gizmodo.com/a...-off-1507735372


"Ultimately, Line 6 hasn't really made a product for purists or nerds at all here but for consumers. It's a complete "experience" much the way that other products you buy these days are. It's more than a really loud speaker box. You're not expected to come to the table with much else—except for a guitar and maybe some chops to make the thing sing. The Amplifi is not for everyone, but Line 6 is one of those companies that ha been doing digital long enough that they might actually pull it off. I'm certainly excited to give this amp a try—even if I'm not going to get rid of my Twin and my pedal board any time soon."






"...this amp shows much potential in its practicality, capability, and style and has set a new standard for what a guitar amplifier can offer in our modern digital revolution."




LoopInsight.com: http://www.loopinsig...mp-and-ipad-app/


"Overall, I loved AMPLIFi, both as a guitarist and from a technology standpoint…This is an amp I’ll be using a lot."




Bonedo (DE): http://www.bonedo.de...st-preview.html




AudioFanzine (FR): http://fr.audiofanzi...nts-bleues.html




MusicRadar (FR): http://www.musicrada...lifi-150-592226









Anderton's Blog: http://www.andertons...nise-guitar-amp












Future Publishinghttp://future-publis...3stywMSWWZUy/wv








Guitar Trickshttp://www.guitartri...1414#post291414
















Metal Arcadehttp://metalarcade.n...lifi-guitar-amp/




MI Prohttp://www.mi-pro.co...novation/018497




Musikmachen.de: http://www.musikmach...ng-Amps-3762912




Sonic Statehttp://www.sonicstat...itar-amp-can-do/




TheToneKing: http://thetoneking.c...uitar-amplifier/




Tone Report Daily News: http://www.youtube.c...eature=youtu.be




ultimate-guitar.com: http://www.ultimate-...th_amplifi.html

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Thanks for the links...... I always like to look at a bunch reviews after I buy, to see if I am missing any tricks......... and the NAMM reviews are too noisy, too much backgrouind noise to concentrate on what's being said and done on the reivew.

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Just opened my new 150 last night and used it with my 14 year old son. The sound is very good to a 'novice'. My son spent hours on the thing last night and loves it. It may not be perfect, but Line6 really nailed it in terms of a modeling amp for home use that also can be used to stream music. For the price I can't believe how much you get for it. Is it the perfect amp? No, it is for everyone? No. 

But until my son starts to gig for real, this is an awesome addition to the basement music area and something we all can enjoy. I was on the fence about spending the extra $100 for the 150 vs the 75 and am very happy I did. It isn't too bulky or heavy and is a really attractive unit. I think my wife would actually let it sit upstairs :)

As an Andriod person, the only reason I considered this is because my wife has an Ipad and my son has the new Touch. I totally get people who avoid this because of it being Apple specific. Also agree with the idea of having a dedicated output port as my son has already figured out how to route the output to his input device to the DAW. Very happy I held off getting an amp until now. I have been in the market for a couple of years and this is a really sweet piece of gear for the right people.

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Why not? Do they sound bad? Do they get close to the original so you can play along, yes, very close with a bit of tweaking. We all have different signals going into these things. If the model was set with high gain active humbuckers, and you have vintage single coils, something is gong to have to be tweaked.....it almost seems some forget that.

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One of the comments in the Loopinsight review said the AMPLIFi isn't even using the latest Line 6 modeling?


That it's not as good as the POD HD500 or even the POD HD?!?!? It's using XT /X3 era technology.


Is this really true??? If yes, WHY?



Probably cost effect...But the x3 sounds compared to HD are incomparable...

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