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Helix Native 1.91 Saving Bug


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4 hours ago, xtrouble said:

This happens all the time for me as well.


It happens every time a windows dialog box should open inside of native. 



There seems to be a whole bunch of people on this forum complaining about Native crashing in various DAWs. I don’t have a solution, but I do have a suggestion for one and all - please raise a ticket with Line 6 Customer Support. Unless they are made aware of this by people who have found a problem, then they cannot fix it.

Line 6 staff generally do not monitor these forums, they are meant for user interaction.


If Native users haven’t, or are unable to supply a solution to this, then the best thing is report the issue.


Hope this helps/makes sense.

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I just saw this after replying to a different thread on the same topic.  Any luck resolving this?  I opened a ticket on this with L6 and am waiting to hear back.  


For me, Studio One 4 closes without any message when I copy a preset from my desktop or from another preset in Native to a new location in Native.


The only thing that “fixes” this is to reduce the number on instances of Native in Studio One.  I typically render my tracks fairly quickly since I have a lot of tracks per song and use Native on almost all tracks and it uses up the CPU quickly, so that’s my work around.  But there’s obviously a problem and I’m hoping for a fix!



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I use Reaper and it's been happening for weeks. I tried 1.90, 1.91 and 1.92. Same issue with each version. I tried changing the DPI modes and only having one instance loaded also. I opened a ticket and have been in contact with support. I sent them some error logs and waiting to hear something.

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