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Pod HD 500 fails on Windows 10


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Hi all!


I'm using Pod HD 500 on Windows 10 and suddenly fails since 2 weeks ago.

The driver appears with a yellow question sign on the devices screen 

I've reinstalled Windows and the POD drivers and the problem continues (it have been working fine for a lot of time)


Any idea of what could be happening?


Thank you!!!



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Thank you for your reply!


I'm using 2 DAWS without changes and suddenly stopped to work. In another computer with Windows 7 works perfectly. 

In fact, the device now appears with a yellow question mark. I've tried to reinstall and nothing happens...any idea?


Thank you!

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Which DAWs are you using ?  Some of them install a driver called ASIO4ALL.sys which doesn't work well with the PODs.  The typical solution has been to remove the ASIO4ALL.sys driver and only use the driver from Line6.

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