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Can Tone port GX tones be transferred to POD X3?

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Hi Guys! Apologies if this is a stupid question, Im very much out of the loop on anything tech related.

Back in 2007 I made a load of Guitar tones on a Tone Port GX with Gearbox. The tones are saved as files on an old half dead iMac but they work fine and so does the Tone port when I plug in and record. I heard that you can download/sync (whatever its called) tones to a LINE 6 POD X3 pedal board. Can these tones I made back in 2007 be transferred to the POD X3 pedal board?  I've been looking for straight forward info on youtube etc but just want a clear answer as this would be such an amazing thing if possible.  


*EDIT* If anyone can recommend another type of equipment that these tones could be transferred onto that would be awesome also, especially if it could be a pedalboard or something that can be used live! 


Thanks so much for any help!


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