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Replacement washers for Helix Exp pedal?


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Finally opened up my Helix to lubricate the pedal...

...and found that one of the shoulder washers (the cylindrical ones that go around the bolt, with a perpendicular flat section) had actually broken. 

Where the heck does one get replacements for it? I don't even know what precise size it is as it seems to be metric, so I can't just order it online.

And FullCompass does not have them.



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If no one else replies with the correct part number, you may have to call support and see if they will give you the part number or give/sell you a bushing kit.  Line 6 support posted this vid 3 years ago on lubrication and replacement of the bushings but didn't list the part number.  

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There are three of those type of flanged washers:


30-03-0069: has the largest flange

30-03-0075: same length as first listed part, but the flange is smaller

30-03-0074: same size flange as first listed part, but part length is shorter


These came in the kit mentioned by lungho. Each part is individually bagged with a part number sticker.


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