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Helix + MEL9 = ground loop?

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Hi all,


I have recently purchased a MEL9 and have trouble integrating it with my Helix LT, as I am getting noticeable buzz (50 Hz).


Brief description of my setup: external pedalboard with G50 receiver --> digitech Drop --> compressor --> MEL9. The dry output of MEL9 goes to POG2 --> wah --> fuzz --> Helix guitar input. Effects loop 1 has a TC Electronics HoF. MEL9 wet output goes into A/B switch and into return 2. I like this setup because I can program how the dry and wet signals from MEL9 are blended.


The external pedalboard is powered by a power supply with 4 independent sections; one section is split into other independent sections using the GigRig isolator.


I believed I had thought this out carefully, but I am still getting hum noise, specifically from the return 2. Notice that the noise is present even if the A/B switch is off and hence the MEL9 wet out is disconnected. If I disconnect the jack from return 2, it is all dead silent.


Do you have any idea whether a ground loop isolator between the MEL9 wet output and the return 2 would eliminate the hum? Or any other suggestions for connecting the MEL9 to the Helix?






EDIT: I have further investigated this, and it seems the loop is indeed between guitar input and return 1. If I disconnect either of them, the hum goes away.

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My experience is whenever even two pedals that are digital in nature are daisy chained, there’s hum of some kind.  Make sure your pog, hof, helix, and Mel 9 are all isolated.


Sean Meredith-Jones


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