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Jtv-69 Variax Compatible With Pod Xt Live?

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Is the James Tyler JTV-69 compatible with my Pod XT Live hardware and Line 6 Edit software?  Will I be able to save variax presets along with my Pod XTL presets?  Will I be able to do JTV firmware and patch updates through my XTL hardware and Line 6 edit software?

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Line6 Monkey is used for firmware updates, not Line6 Edit.  Other users in this forum are using Pod XT Live so the answer to compatibility would be yes.  I suggest you do some reading around this forum - there's a wealth of knowledge out there.


There is also Variax Workbench which is used to edit your JTV's guitar models, add alternate tunings, and lots of other fun stuff.


Here's a good place to start:


Note that although the Documents section speaks of a 1.8 firmware upgrade, 1.9 is the latest as Line6 Monkey will tell you.

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Hi there! 

I am a new user of xt live. I bought it from another user. After going through some reading I've downloaded few custom tones from Line 6 official site.

Then I tried to install Line 6 Edit, but it shows unavailable. My question is, how to install these downloaded to my processor? Thanks in advance.

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For JTV, use Workbench HD.


For XT Live, use others on the Downloads page of the forum for use on XT Live.


Follow the prompts in the Downloads page. The manuals have instruction on updating and editing in the Variax.

Different programs for different product.


For the Variax, use the interface device shown in the manual.


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