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DESDE GRANADA (ESPAÑA) HELP!!!! (DT50 discontinued)

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Good afternoon Community Line 6 !!!  I am a faithful owner of LINE 6 products, from my first AX2 212 Combo, through AmpliF 100, and now for the award-winning and prestigious DT50.  It turns out that I bought it from its previous owner here in Spain, and what has been my unpleasant surprise that it came with a repellent background noise, a kind of saturation accompanied by such noise (click, click, ..) losses and increases in volume,  etc.  Change the four valves (preamp and power) and still continue with the noise and saturation, in the end it takes two months in the official technical service here in Granada (Spain) and apparently the fault has a lot to do with the "digital relationship  / analog ”of the system, and well, a bad and unpleasant entry into my life, after having spent more than 25 years using brand amps, QUESTION: Has something similar happened to you? Is it a problem with errors in the series  , ??  Please help, I need to know that this great amp dream will not disappoint me !!!  Thank you very much, take good care of yourselves, and guitar hugs from the South of Spain !!!


Buenas tardes Comunidad Line 6!!! Soy fiel poseedor de los productos LINE 6, desde mi primer AX7 212 Combo , pasando por AmpliF 100, y ahora por el laureado y prestigioso DT50. Resulta que lo compré de a su anterior dueño aquí en España, y cual ha sido mi desagradable sorpresa que llego con un ruido repelente de fondo, especie de saturación acompañado de dicho ruido (clic, clic, ..) perdidas y subidas de volumen, etc. Cambie las cuatro válvulas (previo y potencia) y aún así seguía con los ruidos y saturación, al final lleva para dos meses en el servicio técnico oficial aquí en Granada (España) y al parecer la avería tiene mucho que ver con la “relación digital/analógica” del sistema, y bueno, una mala y desagradable entrada en mi vida, después de llevar mas de 25 años utilizando amplis de la marca, PREGUNTO: Alguien le ha ocurrido algo similar??, es un problema de errores en la serie,?? por favor ayuda, necesito saber que no me defraudará este gran sueño de amplificador..!!!  Muchas gracias, cuidaros mucho, y abrazos guitarristicos desde el Sur de España!!!


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Private message me the serial#, I can look up a few things. I'm a service and repair technician at Line 6.


If the tubes have not been change in the last two years, then it is long past time for that. Have the work done at a Line 6 authorized service center,

because there is more to it than just swapping out and biasing the tubes, there is a bias and test procedure to be done by the authorized service centers.

We can not vouch for the abilities of those not authorized, nor whether others outside of that are equipped with tools or are qualified for such work. Self repairs are not recommended or supported, so please have this service at a Line 6 authorized service center.  And the shock hazard is too great, it really hurts when you get zapped.

Tubes choices to use for the DT Series,...


DT-50 Series:

12AX7EH Electro-Harmonix approved for the DT50 pre-amps.

EL34EH Electro-Harmonix (matched pairs) for the power amps.



DT-25 Series:

12AX7B China for pre-amps.

EL84EH Electro-Harmonix (matched pairs) for the power amps.


Power amp tube choices are crucial, and must be properly biased by a tech or Line 6 authorized service center who knows the product.

Don't do this yourself, the shock hazard is too great,... and it hurts when you get electric shock. Leave it to a tech trained who is for this.


These valve amps are particular about tubes and tube brands. Do Not use substitutes, No Mesa, Groove Tube, Tung-Sol or JJ or (etc) substitutes. No hot rodding of an already Bogner hot rod.


These amps are not forgiving of modifications, so use the specified tubes. These are not all analog tube amps of the 1960's and 70's, they have to be treated a little different, being both analog and digital. Both sections have to talk nice to one another or problems occur.




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