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Whammy pedal in front of the Helix


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Hi there

I'm pretty new in the Helix, and I can say I'm still experimenting.

Have anyone connected a Whammy DT pedal in front of the Helix, meaning: Guitar - Whammy - Helix - Amp (PA or Studio Monitors).

I know the Helix has a Pitch Whamm effect, just wondering as it would be great just to add it in front and forget to include it in all my presets.



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I don't have one, but my concern with doing it that way vs in a loop is that it might not sound best in every configuration, and a loop allows you to put it where it sounds best.

Also, certain effects require lower Input Impedance to sound "authentic", and putting the Whammy (or any effect) before Helix loads your pickups at whatever the impedance for that effect is. Of course, if you're wireless that doesn't matter, since you're always at 1M anyway.

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