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2.9 Command Center momentary switch assignment


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Is the new command center capable of assigning a button to be a momentary switch?  I've been looking for infinite reverb (e.g. Big Sky) out of the Helix for years.  I could swear that someone told me I could create a momentary button, assign a reverb to it, and hold forever as long as the button is pressed.  I can't find the post and I can't see how to do it.  Is this even possible?  Thanks.

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I can't speak to whether it will achieve the effect you want, but you can certainly assign footswitches to momentary bypass. It's not in the command centre though.

After you create your effect (reverb), just touch (not press) any footswitch with your finger (or any skin). This will bring up the 'bypass assign' screen where you can assign that effect to that switch. There is a 'type' option controlled by one of the knobs under the screen that will change from latching to momentary. The latter will turn the effect on (or off if you start it on) only as long as you hold the switch.

in HX Edit, you can do this by clicking on the effect, and right below the pathway window, there are two wide tabs for 'edit' and 'bypass/controller assign' - the second tab is what you want.

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